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Yellow Fever and Q Fever Approved Centre

We provide a wide range of vaccinations and essential travel advice.

Flu Vaccination

@ Hyde Park Medical Centre PH:92831234

We offer convenient, professional and cost effective Corporate flu vaccination packages.

After Hours Service

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For urgent medical attention, please contact your nearest hospital. For Emergencies, please dial 000.

Opening Hours

@ Hyde Park Medical Centre PH:92831234

  • Monday - Friday 8.00 - 19.00
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Why Choose Us
  • Great Facilities

    We house General Practitioners, Specialists including Gastroenterologist, Colorectal Surgeon and Orthopaedic Surgeon. Allied health including Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologist, Psychologists, Dietitian and Podiatrist. Dentist & Orthodontist. Xray, Ultrasound, Pathology and Pharmacy.

  • Qualified Doctors

    We have a team of Doctors who specialise in skin cancer checks, sexual health checks, pre-employment assessments, workcover, pap smears, childhood immunisations, travel vaccinations and flu vaccinations.

  • Accredited

    We are an accredited General Practice, Q Fever Vaccination Centre and Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre in NSW.

  • Bulk Billing

    Bulk Billing available with appointments and Medicare Cards, valid 8:00am-5:30pm (Monday to Friday, exclude Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday).

latest news
Medlab Collector closed early

Medlab Collector at HPMC will be closing early on 21 Mar 2018 at 5:30pm.

POPS Healthcare

POPS is a Personalised Online Prescription Service (POPS) that allows you to request your regular prescriptions through an app and having just the prescription, or also the medication, delivered straight to your door, Australia wide.

2018 Corporate Flu Vaccination is OPEN

Be prepared for the oncoming 2018 Flu Season - Have your staff vaccinated.

Specialise In

Health Checks

Health Checks

When a GP checks your state of health, it is called a health check. There are many types of health checks, e.g. sexual health checks or diabetes health checks, and different health checks are recommended for each stage of life.

Details Book Online Call (02) 9283 1234

Skin Cancer Checks

Screen Cancer Checks

The skin cancer check is a visual check of the spots on your skin. Your GP look at each mole with a dermatoscope to check for cancer. If you have a spot that is cancerous or has the risk of becoming cancerous, your doctor can discuss the best treatment for it.

Details Call (02) 9283 1234

Pap Smears

Pap Smears

Pap smears are screening tests for HPV, which can cause cervical cancer. Pap smears find early changes in the cervix, which is why routine Pap smears are recommended.

Details Book Online Call (02) 9283 1234

Childhood Immunisations

Childhood Immunisations

The Immunise Australia Program is funded by the Australian Government, aiming to increase childhood immunisation rates. This means childhood immunisations are free for Australian residents.

Details Book Online Call (02) 9283 1234

Pre-Employment Assessments

Pre-Employment Assessments

Pre-employment checks are designed so your employer knows you can safely perform the duties of the job, and are often legal requirements. Not everybody needs to do a pre-employment check, and your employer will let you know if you do.

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The WorkCover scheme was introduced by the NSW government to ensure the health and safety of employees. Under WorkCover, all employers need to comply with occupational health and safety, injury management, and workers’ compensation.

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